Sean Tilley, Workin’ Man!

Well, the day has finally come. A day that we all wonder about, and think about, but try to avoid. That’s right. I got a job. I’m going to be working at McDonald’s in the M-Town, and it’s going to be awesome, seeing as I know quite a few of the people that work there.

So, I’m real excited, it’s my first job after all. Kind of a weird thought, though. I’ve never had a job before.

Expect some photos of me in my uniform, or blogs about the stuff that goes on at work, or something. I dunno. I’M SO STOKED!

In other news, my comp is working really great now. I’m thinking of somehow recording all the sweet stuff I can do with Ubuntu Linux (the operating system I use.)

Sean is a guy from the middle of nowhere in Illinois who passionately supports Free Software, Free Culture, and decentralized communication systems. He serves as the editor of We Distribute, a publication dedicated to the development of the fediverse. In his spare time, Sean is a budding indie game dev, writer, web developer, and a musician.

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