A Human Pursuit

We focus so heavily on self-definition that I think sometimes it destroys an aspect of our own humanity. We’re so hard and analytical when it comes to the pursuit of knowledge that I think we fail to stop and enjoy the potential in the things that we experience.

You can look at science as a prime example of this, in one of two different ways: you can see it as a system that constantly corrects itself and is a vehicle of new and exciting discoveries about our understanding of how things work together, or you can view science as this cold, inefficient system. You could argue that because of this self-correcting system that we don’t actually know anything about anything. Science rewrites itself all the time. And why is this?

There is no objective truth in this world. Truth is merely a construct of language, and as such, there can only ever be things that can be deemed to be “true enough”, aside from logical constructs and hard numbers.

My question is, is it such a bad thing that we don’t know these things? As far as I’m concerned, this sort of uncertainty is merely mystery, and adds to the spice of life. We fear the unknown, and we find ourselves surrounded by variables we can’t even confirm to be true, but that doesn’t mean we can’t find enjoyment out of life out of our personal experiences.

The same goes for the concept of fate. So many people are focused on how we got here, or whether there’s a grand scheme for our existence. But you know, I think that’s entirely the wrong way of going about it. I don’t think we need a defined purpose in life by any higher power. Our only purpose in life is to find and define our own purpose in any way that we can.

To once again quote one of my favorite films, “There is a Fate. It’s what you create.”, and I certainly see this as being applicable to the nature of the reality we live in. You can’t possibly know a fraction of anything for absolute certain, but that doesn’t mean you can’t revel in the enjoyment of gaining new information based on what you observe. Like I said, that’s the spice of life right there.

Who cares what anyone else thinks about you. No, seriously. It’s not anyone’s business but your own as to what you do, what your passions are, and how you define yourself. No one should have that power over another human being, because frankly that kind of power is a degradation to your own human potential. It is a disservice to the human experience.

So go out. Live. Observe life, and try to find the joy in your findings. You may not change the world, but that doesn’t mean you can’t touch the lives of everyone around you, and to me, that’s a far more human pursuit than anything else. To me, it’s worth doing, and it’s worth living for.

Sean is a guy from the middle of nowhere in Illinois who passionately supports Free Software, Free Culture, and decentralized communication systems. He serves as the editor of We Distribute, a publication dedicated to the development of the fediverse. In his spare time, Sean is a budding indie game dev, writer, web developer, and a musician.

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