Brushing Up on Ruby on Rails!

A little while ago, I purchased Agile Web Development With Rails, Fourth Edition, and I’ve been meaning to use this book to sharpen my understanding of Rails. Currently, I’m about 30 pages in, and I’m going to press myself to finish this book and start working on some hobby projects.

I’ve always wanted to get serious about programming, but I’ve had difficulty over the years with just sticking to one language. I figure if I can push myself to properly learn one (beyond knowing some of the standard conventions), I can learn more. I’ve particularly taken a liking to Rails (and by extension, Ruby) because it has an almost human-linguistic approach to programming.

I’ve always had something of a knack for being able to figure out what code means by reading it, but I’ve had difficulty in the past with writing my own. With this crash course I’m taking, I hope to get better at what I do, and I hope to at some point get to some serious programming for the projects I love and participate in.

Wish me luck.

Sean is a guy from the middle of nowhere in Illinois who passionately supports Free Software, Free Culture, and decentralized communication systems. He serves as the editor of We Distribute, a publication dedicated to the development of the fediverse. In his spare time, Sean is a budding indie game dev, writer, web developer, and a musician.

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