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I Survived the Server Dumpster Fire of 2022

It was bound to happen eventually. Three years of near-seamless chugging along, running dodgy bleeding-edge updates from Pleroma’s develop branch, and the thing finally fell over. Maybe the influx of new users did it in. Maybe the 70GB database that ballooned up from haphazard data retention was the real culprit. I’ll never know.

I’ve decided to take a break from self-hosting a social instance for a while. It’s a wonderful, awesome, amazing experience, and I totally recommend it to anybody who has the time and energy to spare. I just don’t have it right now, and I’m tired of throwing my money at so many servers. For now, I think I’ll just stay put and find a way to donate to my admin.

Anyway, my Ghost site was a casualty, so I’ll need to rebuild everything from what I saved on These things happen.

For now, you can find me on

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