4 Totally Insane Ideas That Canonical Ought to Consider

Canonical (and consequently, the Ubuntu project) is constantly growing. The Ubuntu distribution has grown to be one of the most popular desktop systems out there, garnering millions of users worldwide. Mark Shuttleworth has come out many times with ideas to help boost Free Software in the commercial and private sectors, and Canonical should be applauded […]

Linux: Better than Windows?

Have you ever been frustrated with Windows? It frequently shuts down, crashes, and gets a crapload of viruses. Aren’t you the least bit upset that Windows doesn’t do jack, and it’s overpriced? Maybe you want to try something new, but all you’ve heard of is Windows (XP or Vista, they both suck), or Mac/Apple (Which also majorly sucks)

What are you supposed to do? Are you just going to sit there and suffer from a super-shitty Operating System?