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"The social network where YOU are in control!" An interview detailing Diaspora with Craig and Ben Crossman. There are some pretty funny moments during the interview, and viewer turnout was not particularly high, but it was still fun to particip...
Damn, looks like the embedded player doesn't quite work with #Hubzilla yet. :(
@interviews Cool, this federates!
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Hey @Jason Robinson ?? , these people could use some insight on the social relay, as Mastodon is thinking of using the technical solution for their own platform:
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!Hubzilla Support Forum Due to a bad privacy setting on my behalf, my moderation queue is flooded with spam. Is there an easy way to just wipe the entire queue? Trying to click Delete on every single item takes forever, and due to a lack of paging, it's impossible to know where the end of the spam is.
A checkbox "I'm a bot [ ]"

Just to be sure give it some of the crappy "What symbols do you see"-Captchas below so that the bot feels challenged ;)
Back to the original problem since I didn't see any sign of it being resolved yet.

delete from item where item_blocked = 4

This will remove any moderated items on your server, including those owned by others. If you want to be more specific add "and uid = xx" replacing xx with your channel_id.

This is begging for improvement.
Perfect, thank you Mike! grinning face

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!Hubzilla Development Good news! My Hubzilla themes repo is getting updated so that themes properly conform to the Hubzilla 3.x series. I have an issue queue of things to work on, and hope to get everything resolved in a short amount of time.

As many of you know, this repo is part of a long-running playground to explore the different layers of the platform, and experiment with various ways to customize the look and feel of one's hub. I have considered it to be very valuable for myself, as I've gotten to peel through many different parts of Hubzilla's display system and figure out how they work together.

The following themes are basically "complete", save for some minor cosmetic work:
  • Suckerberg
  • Clarity
The following are require in-depth adjustment. The good news is that this is an opportunity to not only fix the themes, but write custom widgets and adjust each one to a specific layout:
  • Bookish
  • Nova
  • Occupant
  • Sporadic
  • Stumble
  • Sunbeam
What's the latest doco for how to install and enable them? Is this still accurate?
Yeah, I primarily use the /util scripts for adding theme repos and updating them.