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 Dreams's birthday

Starts: Thursday January 03, 2019 @ 12:00 AM
Finishes: Friday January 04, 2019 @ 12:00 AM
Happy Birthday Dreams
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@Hubzilla Support Forum+ Hey, I'm trying to update my Hubzilla installation to the new Hubzilla repo. I've updated the remote, but trying to do a git pull seems to prompt me for framagit's password?

Does anyone know of a workaround?
 from Friendica
@Sean Tilley this probably means you made a typo in the address. Check the remotes URL with a git remote -v .
 from Diaspora
Happy birthday! ??

 from ActivityPub
"The social network where YOU are in control!" An interview detailing Diaspora with Craig and Ben Crossman. There are some pretty funny moments during the interview, and viewer turnout was not particularly high, but it was still fun to particip...
Damn, looks like the embedded player doesn't quite work with #Hubzilla yet. :(
@interviews Cool, this federates!
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Hey @Jason Robinson ?? , these people could use some insight on the social relay, as Mastodon is thinking of using the technical solution for their own platform:
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!Hubzilla Support Forum Due to a bad privacy setting on my behalf, my moderation queue is flooded with spam. Is there an easy way to just wipe the entire queue? Trying to click Delete on every single item takes forever, and due to a lack of paging, it's impossible to know where the end of the spam is.
A checkbox "I'm a bot [ ]"

Just to be sure give it some of the crappy "What symbols do you see"-Captchas below so that the bot feels challenged ;)
Back to the original problem since I didn't see any sign of it being resolved yet.

delete from item where item_blocked = 4

This will remove any moderated items on your server, including those owned by others. If you want to be more specific add "and uid = xx" replacing xx with your channel_id.

This is begging for improvement.
Perfect, thank you Mike! grinning face
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Sweet, migrated my hub over to nginx. Now I can focus on installing a few different apps on subdomains for experimentation. I'm hoping to play around with Funkwhale and PeerTube and see what I can do with hosting self-made content that I produced a long time ago. Should be interesting.
 from Diaspora
Hi Sean....
Nginx is awesome!
Scratch my previous comment if you see it.... just saw the update from Mario on the PR....
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!Hubzilla Support Forum I'm trying to get a new hub up and running with postgres. I think I have everything set up correctly, but no matter what I do, I get a Database Connect failed: message any time after I attempt to connect to the database.

Has anyone else experienced issues with getting Postgres to work with Hubzilla? I'm trying to determine what I'm doing wrong here.
@Mario Vavti Got it, any tips on what you did when installing Hubzilla with Postgres, or how you configured yours?

This process has always been pretty straightforward for me with frameworks such as Rails, but with PHP the setup and configuration feels much more involved.
I used this wiki to configure:
There is nothing else i did. I recall i had to use instead of localhost (or vice versa - cant recall now) to get it to connect.
Forget about the port. Here is what I have

$db_host = '';
$db_port = '0';
$db_user = 'postgres';
$db_pass = 'password';
$db_data = 'hz';
$db_type = '1'; // an integer. 0 or unset for mysql, 1 for postgres

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!Hubzilla Development I'm finally digging into the Articles system to see what kinds of modifications I can make to it. As per usual, I have a few questions. smiling face with open mouth

If I wanted to modify the elements inside of the article content, would I need to effectively override the markup template? I noticed that currently, articles use cards.tpl for get_markup_template, I'm a little curious as to whether creating an articles.tpl at some point might make sense for article-specific customizations. I'm trying to figure out how to remove the view article / view summary link.

Another thing I'd love to figure out is how to display different views depending on whether I'm looking at the article index, or the article display. I know that Hubzilla generally treats these two things as the same when it comes to posts / the stream, is there a sane way to separate the two? I think I want my index to be a grid of thumbnails and links, whereas the article display would be the full-length content. As a workaround, it might be possible to just create a plugin and set up a different index view at a different URL path, but that might be a bit of a hacky experience.
Update: I've just made list mode work for articles and cards. Youl'l see it in dev in a day or two. What you will need to do is visit

and set it to '1'. And your articles overview page will be in list mode rather than conversation mode.
 from Diaspora
!Hubzilla Development

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Personally, I'm really stoked for this project, and I love that it's made so much progress so far.

PeerTube Releases v.1.0.0 Beta 1

PeerTube, the decentralized YouTube alternative, has just made a new milestone release. The project has come a long way, and already sports a vastly improved UI and federated comments.

#PeerTube #ActivityPub #Federation
Sean are you able to follow peertube user ? I can from mastodon but not from hubzilla
Hubzilla does not yet connect directly to peertube, There is an open bug on peertube. We have at this point discovered that they do not handle the 'url' attribute in the actor document correctly; but even if we supply the data which they are expecting to find, there are unknown additional errors on their end resulting in connection failure. At this point we need somebody with a peertube installation that understands the code and read logs, and there does not appear to be sufficient motivation on that end to work with us and solve the problem.
Thank you Mike I hope someone will understand both side so we can talk to each other.

"Come on, son," Dad says to me, "We're flying to England in the morning tomorrow, so we need to finish getting ready."

A chill runs down my spine as I realize that I don't have my passport, and have never had one.
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Pleroma, a lightweight social server written in Elixir, gains ActivityPub support


Pleroma, the lightweight elixir-based social networking server, recently unveiled full support for the ActivityPub federation protocol. Stylish and lightweight, and it works with the most popular apps for Mastodon

#Mastodon #ActivityPub #Pleroma #Elixir
 from ActivityPub
@dsh Wait what Pleroma is built on ActivityPub from the ground up, isn't it? How could it gain support for what it's literally built on?
 from ActivityPub
@dsh From my understanding it doesn't even "adapt" to ActivityPub like mastodon does. It IS ActivityPub through and through.

Basically it used it internally, but these interfaces were not exposed for a long time, meaning it only federated with OStatus networks. Now it does both, but you're right, it pretty much is a complete implementation of AP.
 San Francisco, CA (37.7667879 -122.41671110000001) shamelessly rips off of Mastodon and slaps a blockchain on top, for some reason

The Hiveway platform raised more than a few eyebrows today with an announcement by none other than John McAfee, unveiling the startups rebrand from Etherhive to Hiveway. At this time, McAfee’s affiliation with the project remains unclear, but he nevertheless appears to be providing consultation to the team. This is all fine and good, however, one detail sticks out like a sore thumb: Hiveway is a complete and utter ripoff of Mastodon.

#Hiveway #Mastodon #Blockchain
 from Diaspora
Forking an AGPLv3 project is good, that is why we have licenses and forks just increase diversity. But this wasn't done as a fork. The whole commit history was rewritten and apparently the UI has no source code link for users. The copyright file though does mention it is a fork of Mastodon.
 from Diaspora
by a per-feed blockchain

ahahaha then they're riding the hype bandwagon. People nowadays say "blockchain" when it's a git-for-xyz like solution. "per-feed" would mean it's not even git, it's even simpler. That would mean your file system is also a blockchain. Why not, it does have blocks. :D
MS-DOS could make a comeback if it billed itself as a block-chain file system!
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I'm curating a #Spotify playlist constructed entirely out of my own guilty pleasures:

I know, I know, it's Spotify. But this was the easiest way to share this thing. Expect the list to grow, change, and evolve.
 from ActivityPub
@dsh ?

@Antón Hahahaha
@antonlopez Agree, better download music and classic programs like gmusicbrowser :P
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Tonight I'm a guest on the Film Frown podcast, where people watch bad movies and then talk about them. We'll be reviewing the movie Murderer's Row, which feels like a campy Americanized take on James Bond.

Listen live at 9p EDT, 8pm CDT, 7pm MTN or 6pm PDT!

@dsh am I the only one on IRC? ?
Yeah, I didn't really get a chance to chat on IRC a whole lot, most of my attention was focused on keeping the conversation going. Really fun show, though, I've decided to subscribe to it.
@dsh It was good hearing you ?
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It took forever to write this, but my #Hubzilla deep-dive has now been published!

The Do-Everything System: An in-depth review of Hubzilla 3.0.


As a platform, Hubzilla holds a tremendous amount of versatility and depth in what it can do. Mike Macgirvin, the platform’s creator, has famously quipped that the system does not have a commercial analogue to draw comparisons to — it’s not just a social network, it’s not just a forum, it’s not just a cloud storage solution, and it’s not just a content management system.

#decentralization #cloudstorage #federation
Copying Mike's comment:

To be frank - I'm very well connected on Sand Hill Road (look it up). I could get a ridiculous amount of funding just by demonstrating distributed privacy and magic-auth - and I could do it with a phone call. No need for blockchain because decentralised identity is a much bigger market and is never going to crash. I left that game long ago and I'm working for the people now. I'm really not looking to get rich. Been there, done that, didn't like it. It would of course be nice to make ends meet; which is something you have to forego when you're working for the people and not for your own gain.

The whole thing about venture capital is that the money never actually leaves Sand Hill Road. It just provides them with a new revenue stream and keeps them living in the manner to which they are accustomed. Startups and entrepreneurs are thrown a pittance of that revenue stream to keep people enticed and to perpetuate the game.
I'm impressed, Sean. This article has been very influential. Multiple people who registered on Hubzilla Start have referenced your article as their inspiration.
bottle with popping cork

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!Hubzilla Support Forum Regarding web pages, are there any best practices that I should be aware of? I'm trying to build a decent landing page for demonstration purposes, and I'm a little bit confused about mixing and matching conventions here.

For example, if I'm using an HTML type for a block, am I only able to use HTML elements, and not reference other blocks? Alternatively, if I'm using a Commanche block, can I use HTML within it somehow? It's very clear that I can mix and match different block types within a layout or page that encapsulates them, but I'm not really sure whether you can easily wrap blocks in other blocks of different types. Or whether I should even be doing that.

My main concern is that I want to use Bootstrap classes for different components of my webpage. For example, I have a block called "artwork", which itself is a Commanche layout that holds a photo album widget. However, I don't want this block to be full-width, and would like to use an HTML div to wrap around this block for styling purposes.

I'm trying to figure out the best way to approach this so that I can build a nice-looking page. In the past, I kind of just half-assed it by mostly doing HTML blocks, but I'd like to do this in a more "correct" way with Hubzilla.
Hmm, can you put blocks inside of other blocks? I thought that you could, but my art block doesn't seem to like it...
For example, I have a block called "artwork", which itself is a Commanche layout that holds a photo album widget.

Blocks are intended to be entirely-self-contained content snippets. They do not (currently) nest - at all. I wasn't aware you could insert a Comanche layout in one of these and in any event there is no mechanism to parse such a thing if it's somehow allowed. Comanche is a page layout, not a block layout; and has some assumptions built-in which would tend to enforce this or be very difficult to work around. So I think that route is probably a dead end.

I think the right thing to do here is to either modify the photo album widget or create a derivative widget that is intended more for sidebar use. Fixing the photo album widget so that it is responsive to the constraints of the region it is in would be my first choice. Second choice would be to pass an argument to that widget to explicitly select the sidebar option. Third would be to create or derive a new widget which does exactly what you want here.
Got it, that's super helpful.

Fixing the photo album widget so that it is responsive to the constraints of the region it is in would be my first choice.

This is ultimately what I ended up doing; I added a col-md-10 class to the block and then centered it using CSS.
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!Hubzilla Support Forum I'm trying to use the Channel Export feature on the latest dev release of Hubzilla, but any time I try to import it into my Hubzilla 3.0 installation, I seem to be getting errors that either say Channel Not Found or Unable to download the data from the old server. I've tried to use the smaller export file provided from the Export Channel page, and I've tried using the server credentials, and neither combination of either method seems to create the clone channel on my other hub.

Am I doing something wrong, or is there something that I need to investigate between the two hubs? If it helps any, my dev branch hub also has the new Zot add-on enabled for the channel.
I'm running slightly newer code but that interface hasn't changed at all since 3.0; and it worked first try for me using the old server as the source. What version is the old server?

The old identity address has to be user@host - nothing else will work. If that's what you entered, you should be able to login to https://oldsite/api/z/1.0/channel/export/basic with username/password and get a json dump. That will verify the download api is working. You may need to create a file dbfail.out that's writable by the web server and/or review the regular logs to debug the import from file. I'm not aware of any incompatible changes recently.
And if "Zot add-on" means zotvi, remove it; though that should not have any affect on export/import. It's removed from the latest dev addons. We're going about zot6 somewhat differently than originally proposed.

I'm sitting in a van. It's a red 90's Ford Windstar, rocking side to side as it barrels down a long road. The land is flat, repetitive, and boring.

"We're in Nebraska," dad says. The hours of driving have left him in a quiet stupor, his mind dedicated to the bends and twists between objects in motion.

I look over at my brother, and he's seven years old, staring out the window as he plays his GameBoy. We're making our way to Colorado, our yearly summer pilgrimage to the house of my mother's parents. The van''s CD player is blaring Da Vinci's Notebook, and dad sings along to keep himself awake.

My gut feels an awkward sinking feeling. This isn't real, and there is no coming back to this. There is no fixing the marriage of my parents, there is no convergence between scattered people who won't talk to each other.

I sobbed bitterly, and tears streamed down my face.
"We're in Nebraska," dad says.

I went to Hell and back last summer.Node: ‪Hell‬ (‪160368207‬) | OpenStreetMap


OpenStreetMap is a map of the world, created by people like you and free to use under an open license.
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For obvious reasons, this is kind of a funny status

"Published via Socialhome via via Friendica via Diaspora"
 from Diaspora
Yeah. I got the funny part from the comments, actually.
federation!   ..

but guessing it probably went over a connector addon between accounts on different inetworks he case of pumpio  
(eg the pumpio addons that exist for Hubzilla and Friendica)

I think the other networks mentioned and also Hubzilla can all talk diaspora protocols to each other

hey btw looking at the that post reminds me -
Im looking for any libraries/tools/etc that might be useful for adding federation to existing websites that aren't based on platforms that natively support might have a look at that ..
also I remember a couple of years ago seeing a post about someone working on a zot library.(for adding zot support to non-hubzilla stuff/other platforms/etc)  does anyone remember this?

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!Hubzilla Development Good news! My Hubzilla themes repo is getting updated so that themes properly conform to the Hubzilla 3.x series. I have an issue queue of things to work on, and hope to get everything resolved in a short amount of time.

As many of you know, this repo is part of a long-running playground to explore the different layers of the platform, and experiment with various ways to customize the look and feel of one's hub. I have considered it to be very valuable for myself, as I've gotten to peel through many different parts of Hubzilla's display system and figure out how they work together.

The following themes are basically "complete", save for some minor cosmetic work:
  • Suckerberg
  • Clarity
The following are require in-depth adjustment. The good news is that this is an opportunity to not only fix the themes, but write custom widgets and adjust each one to a specific layout:
  • Bookish
  • Nova
  • Occupant
  • Sporadic
  • Stumble
  • Sunbeam
What's the latest doco for how to install and enable them? Is this still accurate?
Yes, I jave just added DSH to a fresh install this way. Was not aware of util/update_theme_repo yet. Nice.
Yeah, I primarily use the /util scripts for adding theme repos and updating them.