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Finally got this interview out the door! @Jason Robinson

Faces of the Federation - Jason Robinson of Socialhome


Jason Robinson was a long-term volunteer dev to the Diaspora project who made several important code contributions before deciding to roll his own federated platform. An avid Pythonista, Jason has specializes in Django development, and continues to tinker with decentralized communication.

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The post owner can choose whether or not to "forge" signatures on comments and forward them to Diaspora accordingly, but we received so many complaints about sending unsigned  'likes' as forged (comment) activities that we stopped including them.

Comment forging is also no longer enabled by default as it was in the redmatrix days. Since this channel does not have Diaspora enabled, and it seems that the forgery option is not enabled for Sean's channel, I'm guessing this comment will not federate.
Yeah, @Mike Macgirvin , it's a solid workaroumd. Ktry to enable it for my channel when I get home today.