Sean Tilley
Sean Tilley
Sean Tilley

 San Francisco, CA (37.7668426 -122.4166306) 
For now, I am building out a simple set of experiments. Initially, I needed a convenient way to monitor project feeds from different places, so I've used the Channel Sources feature to create syndicated bot channels for the federated projects I want to watch.

This requires some adjustment and fine-tuning, but you can subscribe to it through Diaspora, Friendica, GNU Social, Mastodon, Socialhome, Hubzilla, or anywhere that can use #OStatus, #ActivityPub, #Diaspora Protocol, or #Zot.
 from Diaspora
There is though already, unless of course you want to collect all information in one account. Could get a little verbose though, depending on how many sources are aggregated.
Hmm, that might actually be a more usable source for me!
also if you add an accoumt as an resource instead of an rss feed, comments (not all) should get federated.