Sean Tilley
Sean Tilley
Sean Tilley

Just wrote a little bit about The Fediverse, The Federation, and their possible future together. #federation

A quick guide to The Free Network – We Distribute – Medium


Behind the complicated history of two supernetworks, and their potential future.

URL for OStatus:
@platano.  Diaspora uses a pubsubhubbub service provided by Google to allow folks to subscribe to your Diaspora public feed. GNU-Social uses this mechanism to follow your public content. As you've noted media handling is buggered. Most OStatus projects separate media from content. Diaspora feeds do not separate media from content but instead merges them together.
 from Qvitter
@mike Oh, so one of the several protocols used by OStatus just happens to fit the job of subscribing to Diasporans... Thanks a lot Mike!! Yes, it's kinda cool, although not perfect. It's a pity it doesn't work the other way round (followig GS people from D*), though. They don't even see my comments to their posts, etc.

BTW, I didn't receive any notification for your comment, I just saw it on my timeline cause I'm following you. It shows my blue username link (withouth the preceding "@"), though. More protocol mess, I presume!

More protocol mess, I presume!

Notifications and how this relates to mentions isn't spelled out in the specs and every project does them a bit different. I'll compare yours (I have an example in front of me from your last comment) and try to match it after I choke down some more coffee. I think I see something that changed from the way Status.Net used to do this.