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@Hubzilla Support Forum+ I'm currently experimenting with Hubzilla Calendar integration on macOS. This is part of my review of Hubzilla 2.8.

Quick question: now that calDAV is supported in core, is it possible that the Events calendar and the cdav calendar will be merged into one calendar in the future?

I'm trying to wrap my head around how this part of the platform is supposed to work, and I'd love to just have one calendar for everything, rather than two separate calendars that serve different purposes.
That was the original goal. As it turns out, there are some serious compatibility issues with trying to serve the Hubzilla events system directly from CalDAV, so the way this is currently envisioned is going back to my original concept...

Your Hubzilla event calendar will gain the ability to (optionally) auto-sync to/from CalDAV  and external calendar sources, but remain separate for purposes of social federation and (web) access control. So you can have a single calendar showing merged events from both domains but there will be a few behaviour differences depending on which system you access.

It's about one man month of effort but I don't have an ETA given my current workload.
Is that an average man month of effort? Because that equates to just one or two Macgirvin days!