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I'm working on redesigning the pages on my hub, an activity which I haven't focused on in ages. This is a fairly important component of the review, so I'd like to design something that both looks really nice, and isn't too painful to implement.

A few considerations to follow:

1. I'm primarily used to writing pages in HTML, particularly to create custom UI elements and page sections. If I just use the HTML content type, will I lose access to some of the semantic benefits offered by Comanche? (for example, embedding widgets from my profile into the page)

2. I'm probably going to need a lot of custom page styling. What is the best use-case here? Should I just put all of my CSS into a custom theme, and then require that theme on all of my pages? Or should I upload a CSS file somewhere, and just require that CSS file be loaded into my HTML templates?

3. If I want to use custom jQuery plugins for my pages, should I include them in the htmlhead region for the pages that use them?
Okay, cool! It seems to work.

Now I'll need to learn some proper PHP conventions to put some HTML elements together inside of widgets, which is still kind of foreign to me. It looks like it's possible to leverage .tpl files though, so I might try that next!
Definitely use template files. Every time I think I'll bang something out quicker using php strings, I'm always wrong.
That is incredibly helpful insight.