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This is a pretty big deal for me.

The FederationThe Federation wrote the following post Mon, 05 Feb 2018 06:58:33 -0800

Organization news

The Federation info is now a separate organization on #Github, thanks @Zauberstuhl for the idea ?

What does this mean? Well, it would be nice to take in a few more maintainers to ensure the site code gets some desperately needed improvements, for example. There are several things that have been requested by community members which I (Jason Robinson) haven't had time to implement due to work ongoing with #Socialhome.

My personal wish would be to make even more into a nice landing page for all #TheFederation / #Fediverse projects. This would mean not being constrained to just following servers running the #Diaspora protcol, but also including servers from #ActivityPub and #OStatus side, for example. The information is available out there, if not in exactly the same format, at least to some level.

If you are a #federated social web enthusiast, possibly even a maintainer of one of these projects and interested in improving the site, please get in touch, for example by replying here or chatting on FreeNode #thefederation channel, or directly to me. Please don't use private messages since those are not supported by this account yet.

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