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Pretty huge news for the #Diaspora project:

  Our federation protocol just got bigger and better! - The diaspora* Project
tl;dr: The next major version of diaspora* ( will include a new major version (0.2.0) of diaspora*’s federation protocol. The release of this version demonstrates that the ‘cleaning’ phase has been finished and that the community is now able to develop this protocol further.

Under an AGPL 3.0 licence and proven by many years of production, the protocol and its implementation are both reliable and robust. We encourage projects seeking to create the federated social web to take an interest in this protocol, and we will push its wider adoption by providing support and an automatic tool to test its implementation in other languages. Apart from the reference implementation in Ruby, there are currently two implementations in PHP, one in Python and one in Go, which are at various stages of development.
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@dsh why is there a link to at the end of this post? And it looks like the data there are not public.
Hubzilla normally links tags at the source. Diaspora links them at the destination; which totally messes up tags that were linked at the source and leads to disparities in tag content which tends to favour large sites over smaller sites. I forgot about this issue during the re-write when implementing the V2 federation protocol and the new markdown library. Will sort it out tomorrow.

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Just donated to the #IndieGoGo campaign being ran by @Pirate Praveen** (j4v4m4n) ; he's working to get #Diaspora packaged into #Debian to make it easier for newcomers to set up and deploy their own Diaspora pods.

If you are able, please share this and donate what you can. Praveen is a great guy and has long been dedicated to getting Diaspora packaged into Debian. This in turn could also affect other Debian-based distributions.

Make diaspora installation one step on debian


I have been working on packaging diaspora over last two years in my part time. I want to work full time on this project so I can finish the work I started sooner and get more people to setup diaspora pods for themselves. This would make diaspora installation on debian as easy as 'apt-get install diaspora'.
I think it would have to be stable, unless you wanted to have a redmatrix-upstream or something like that.
 from Diaspora
Just gave $100 bucks to unlock the "Create a diaspora installer that will setup diaspora pod using rubygems. This will reduce the current installation steps to just one." :D
That's awesome! :D