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Losing all of the old game files that I used to work on as a teenager is a huge bummer sometimes. I feel like I really bet on the wrong horse, as far as file hosting and backups are concerned.

2Dadventure and MegaUpload don't seem to have any backups floating around anywhere. It'd be really cool if I could recover something playable, but it seems the bulk of it is just gone, gone, gone. ?

Of course, the one garbage game I made totally survived.
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Sean Tilley
One of the few games that I worked on in my earlier years which I've managed to recover. Many of my other projects remain lost to time; it's rather unfortunate that the one I could recover also ranks among my worst efforts.

But hey, it's something for the archive.
James Lamentus

maybe I can share it for someone who uses windows, unfortunately not for me ;)
Sean Tilley
It actually works pretty well in Wine, and there is a Linux runtime for Adventure Game Studio titles that's not too hard to get working.

In the future, I may attempt to package some titles for easy installation.