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awgawg wrote the following post Mon, 12 Feb 2018 14:22:27 -0800
shortly before her death, Ada Lovelace passed on maintainership of slackware linux to Patrick Volkerding's great grandfather, making it the oldest actively maintained distribution.
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There is a #Slackware forum: @slackware nostalgics - not very active though since I'm probably the only active Slackware user on Hubzilla ;) I also don't get the "nostalgics" in its name, this sounds like Slackware is dead and only a relic from a previous computer age...
There was linux before Slackware, but it was quite an adventure to install as you usually needed to configure and bootstrap a working kernel from source. That's a relative assessment because while the early Slackwares had a scripted installer, they were distributed on 20-30 floppies and you almost always ended up with at least one bad floppy in the stack.
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This is a pretty big deal for me.

The FederationThe Federation wrote the following post Mon, 05 Feb 2018 06:58:33 -0800

Organization news

The Federation info is now a separate organization on #Github, thanks @Zauberstuhl for the idea ?

What does this mean? Well, it would be nice to take in a few more maintainers to ensure the site code gets some desperately needed improvements, for example. There are several things that have been requested by community members which I (Jason Robinson) haven't had time to implement due to work ongoing with #Socialhome.

My personal wish would be to make even more into a nice landing page for all #TheFederation / #Fediverse projects. This would mean not being constrained to just following servers running the #Diaspora protcol, but also including servers from #ActivityPub and #OStatus side, for example. The information is available out there, if not in exactly the same format, at least to some level.

If you are a #federated social web enthusiast, possibly even a maintainer of one of these projects and interested in improving the site, please get in touch, for example by replying here or chatting on FreeNode #thefederation channel, or directly to me. Please don't use private messages since those are not supported by this account yet.

#diaspora #friendica #hubzilla #ganggo #socialhome #mastodon #gnusocial
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Really interesting write-up by Dennis Schubert from #Diaspora. He and I have argued about this a few times in the past, and I don't necessarily agree with everything he has to say, but I do appreciate his views on the subject.

Dennis SchubertDennis Schubert wrote the following post Wed, 31 Jan 2018 19:36:37 -0800
ActivityPub - one protocol to rule them all?

So, I just published a tiny little blog post with my thoughts on #ActivityPub, #ActivityStreams, and related specifications. If you manage to finish reading it, you should have a pretty good understanding on how I see the world of social networking protocols, and you will get an answer to the question if whether is likely for #diaspora to support ActivityPub any time soon or not.
That could be a good idea to implement ActivityPub in Diaspora. I don't understand why it is not planed yet. As far as I understand it is not planed
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hfausthfaust wrote the following post Wed, 03 Jan 2018 16:34:37 -0800
The only guy using Debian PPC must be laughing his ass off today.
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Oh, right! I do have a network HDD running PPC with Debian \o/
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moonmanmoonman wrote the following post Wed, 03 Jan 2018 16:01:01 -0800
Everybody on my TL is posting about the new CPU exploits. This is how I know I'm on the right social network.
hardbass2k8hardbass2k8 wrote the following post Sun, 24 Sep 2017 22:45:30 -0700
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Wow. The government is getting serious about chem-trails!
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hectorhector wrote the following post Sun, 24 Sep 2017 20:01:15 -0700
I have a survival manual that teaches you how to build shelters, gather food, hunt animals, perform first aid, build a fire, and stay alive at sea.

But no survival manual can teach you how to get a girlfriend.
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If those skills become truly necessary, having them might go a long way towards getting one!
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atom jackatom jack wrote the following post Sat, 23 Sep 2017 21:36:13 -0700
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If you sleep in those pants, you get nightmares ?
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Way to go! :D

Mike MacgirvinMike Macgirvin wrote the following post Mon, 18 Sep 2017 17:05:58 -0700
It appears that red core (and Hubzilla dev) recently broke through 20,000 commits.  Cheers.
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From the man himself:

Mike MacgirvinMike Macgirvin wrote the following post Sat, 19 Aug 2017 18:11:37 -0700
I will be bringing Zot nomadic identity to ActivityPub - just as I brought it to Diaspora and OStatus (you probably didn't know that). Other systems/platforms can choose to ignore it (as they currently do), but everything they require to process and deal with nomadic identity will be there for them to consume if they ever wish to join us in the 21st century.
If you want to see what a multi-protocol conversation thread looks like, you can see it on this end here:

Put it in a bitly link because I'm not sure how other federated systems read our URLs.
@dsh Ah great :)
And now I'm annoyed that the different networks use two different methods for distributing replies.
And I fear it won't be resolved just because we move to ActivityPub. :/
Example command line Zot app with just a few lines -
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For some reason, I really want a pet snail of this size.

neimzr4luzerzneimzr4luzerz wrote the following post Wed, 26 Jul 2017 14:31:39 -0700
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I really want an elephant that size. That would be amazing.
Sure. The problem is that they don't stay that size for very long.