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I'm starting to put more effort into consolidating many different digital footprints across the web into one hub. The most noticeable effect of this would be that photo albums, video interviews, audio projects, game executables, random files of interest, old milestone posts, and other random oddities will slowly but surely be consolidated into one complete online persona.

It is my hope that I will eventually consolidate enough information to provide a somewhat complete view of the past decade or so on my life. One minor interest lies in the possibility of resurrecting content from old dead blogs, to remind myself of where I was 10 years ago or more.

As an aside, I may eventually have enough here to completely shut Facebook off, but that is a difficult work-in-progress when many of your friends are over there.
One of the nice sides of never using a facebook account is that you don't have troubles in leaving facebook.

That seems like a joke, but has a truth in it.

Just yesterday I was talking with a friend that was considering leaving gmail (at least the google calendar part) but was in trouble because he and his wife are sharing important calendar (my guess was: children stuff, school holidays etc. That was it ;) ) and I said the same thing: I don't have the problem since I never started using something I know sooner or later I would regret.

Also, many people would like to leave windows but they have the same problem.

Maybe I am lucky, I don't know. I can get along without all that very well.
 from Friendica
Well, for calendar and contacts it's easy to find a replacement such as Nextcloud/Owncloud. But of course this doesn't help you with your existing data in the hands of Google or other large companies.

But I think it is still worth it to make the switch away from those companies!