Sean Tilley
Sean Tilley
Sean Tilley

A battle rages on in the near reaches of our settlement. Dozens of ships varying in design hang high in our planet's sky. Thousands of lazers light up a desert night. We stand far beneath them, as our base scrambles to mount any sort of defense.

"We have to get you somewhere safe," one of my commanding officers bellows, practically grabbing my entire body as we run together. We run towards the temple of Kronos, keeper of time.

"Are you sure about this, Commander?" I ask, staring down his eyes.

"We don't have time. You need to hide in the past. I'll come looking for you when the coast is clear."

I nod, and step inside.

I find myself in a chamber shaped like a coffin, and kneel at the altar. I cut my hand, place a gold plate against my blood, and touch the marble surface.

I stand alone in a red desert at the beginning of sunrise. Sweating, I set my bags down and sit. A timer starts on my watch, and I hear the gentle low hum of wind scraping against the dunes. Now it is time to wait.
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I lay, half-paralyzed, in an effort to embrace the comfort of stillness. A low drone hummed over my head, crossing the divide from my right ear to my left. I winced, as I knew deep down what would happen next.

"Hello," a high-pitched voice rasped into my ear, "I've been watching you for a while now."

My heart skipped a beat, and I found myself in disbelief.

"Yes," it continued, "I can in fact talk."
"That's incredible," I whispered, "can all insects do this?"

A pause.

"Only some of us can. You would be surprised at how little an ant has to say."