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Current word-count is at 1,610.

The most fleshed-out parts so far are:

  • Installation
  • Channel Basics
  • Photo Albums
  • Cloud File-Sharing/Syncing
  • Wiki
  • Community
  • Theme Development

There's still a lot of things to dive into - I have tons of sections and screenshots, and a lot of details to go over still. I'm particularly proud of the Theme Development section, as it dissects everything from starting a new theme file to setting up layouts with Comanche and writing custom widgets. I even found a way to demonstrate Comanche's usage visually.

This might be the most comprehensive review I have ever written – I'm quite proud of what has been accomplished so far. I really want to do the system justice by sharing all the things that I think is cool about it. I also hope to get this out before Christmas.
Looking forward to the Theme Development bits!
h.ear.t | tobias
Getting Caldav working with KDE Plasma / Kontact was quite easy. Not 100% intuitive, but easy to find.
Sean Tilley
Getting Caldav working with KDE Plasma / Kontact was quite easy. Not 100% intuitive, but easy to find.

Yeah, I've definitely noticed that Gnome / KDE apps are the most forgiving when it comes to interacting with WebDAV so far. Mike's tip on using Evolution to connect with my Hubzilla account was an absolutely great answer for getting the Calendar Sync to work in Gnome's native calendar app.
Sean Tilley
It's finally here! A million thanks to @Mike Macgirvin for sharing his many words of wisdom.

Got Zot — Mike Macgirvin – We Distribute – Medium


Mike Macgirvin is a personal friend, and a force to be reckoned with. Living on a farm in the hills of Australia, he has quietly spent his days carving out an elaborate system from scratch, doing the bulk of the work himself.

Over the past decade in particular, he has pushed the boundaries of a next-generation communication platform, restlessly experimenting and taking notes, often inventing his own solutions to complex problems.

This interview is the first part of our interview series, Faces of the Federation.
James Lamentus
Excelent, thank you for that @Sean Tilley !
Sean Tilley
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Check it out, I have a little #wiki for a thing I'm writing: Sean Tilley -

There is No Outside

There is No Outside is a work of fiction, intended to act as 10 separate stories set within the world of The Enclosure. The stories are intended to be released as one book, written by Sean Tilley, licensed under the Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution Share-Alike License.
Alexandre Hannud Abdo
Did you come up with this Enclosure thing as well? In any case, looking forward to read the stories (:
Sean Tilley
Did you come up with this Enclosure thing as well?

Yeah, the Enclosure is a central concept I've been fleshing out for about two years. Essentially the company got pulled into its own cross-dimensional warp bubble, then separated off from all dimensional space without the means to return. Several hundred years have passed, and the concept of there being some external pocket of space has fallen into myth. At this point, the only people who believe in there being an "Outside" are radical terrorist groups who use explosives to attempt escaping.

In that time, all of the different societies and cultures that the company touched were forced to integrate, meaning that all efforts at standardization have resulted in a total mess - for example, the Internet may exist in this realm, but there are 12 different implementations running across 20 fundamentally different kinds of computers. Even if you could get them all to talk to one another, there are vast inconsistencies in spoken and written language and cultural norms.