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!Hubzilla Development I'm finally digging into the Articles system to see what kinds of modifications I can make to it. As per usual, I have a few questions. smiling face with open mouth

If I wanted to modify the elements inside of the article content, would I need to effectively override the markup template? I noticed that currently, articles use cards.tpl for get_markup_template, I'm a little curious as to whether creating an articles.tpl at some point might make sense for article-specific customizations. I'm trying to figure out how to remove the view article / view summary link.

Another thing I'd love to figure out is how to display different views depending on whether I'm looking at the article index, or the article display. I know that Hubzilla generally treats these two things as the same when it comes to posts / the stream, is there a sane way to separate the two? I think I want my index to be a grid of thumbnails and links, whereas the article display would be the full-length content. As a workaround, it might be possible to just create a plugin and set up a different index view at a different URL path, but that might be a bit of a hacky experience.
Update: I've just made list mode work for articles and cards. Youl'l see it in dev in a day or two. What you will need to do is visit

and set it to '1'. And your articles overview page will be in list mode rather than conversation mode.
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