Sean Tilley
Sean Tilley
Sean Tilley
Sean Tilley
 San Francisco, CA 
Going to see #DeathGrips tomorrow night in SF. I am absolutely beside myself.
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I miss the bay.......
Sean Keene Ⓐ
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Masonic Ave

Illuminati confirmed.
Alien (A23P)
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I'm jelly
Just ordered a #NextCloud box for my home! Now I can have a private cloud in my room for file storage.

Nextcloud Box | Nextcloud


Nextcloud is an open source, self-hosted file sync and share and communication app platform. Access  & sync your files, contacts, calendars  & communicate and collaborate across your devices. You decide what happens with your data, where it is and who can access it!
Andrew Manning
Cool. I hope it generates enough revenue to help keep Nextcloud thriving.
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It depends. I have one Pi2 in the drawer just waiting to be put in use.
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I ordered one on 21.9 but two days later they cancelled it (or "backordered") :( Eagerly waiting. Apparently they're also waiting for ubuntu core release.
Carolus Rex
Harald Eilertsen
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Hurrah! Fabulous news - really pleased to hear it, Sean.
Sean Tilley
 Oakland, CA 
Got to see #FlyingLotus last night in Oakland. He's an absolutely amazing performer, and the opening acts were every bit as amazing in their own rights. I was particularly impressed by FlyLo's visuals and storytelling abilities.

Sean Keene Ⓐ
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<3 Flying Lotus
YA ∵ ⁹⎷π ⟶ ⧝
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second Sean!
This is interesting, but the utter callousness Uber has towards replacing its human drivers is kind of sickening. It's basically a huge dismissal to the workers that actually make the entire service function in the first place.

Should self-driving cars become a thing, millions of Uber drivers may eventually find themselves out of a job. Given enough critical mass of adoption, these drivers might have trouble finding work elsewhere in the industry, because it's a sector that could be entirely boxed out by automation.

Behind the wheel of Uber's new self-driving car, which hits the road today


Over the course of the morning, there was a lot of talk about safety and innovation, but very little about the future of the millions of drivers across the world that are currently working for Uber. what happens to them? Do they have a future as testers in Uber’s self-driving cars?

Unlikely, an Uber engineer told me; those jobs will probably go to employees with special training. Uber drivers are independent contractors with few protections or benefits. The faster Uber gets its driverless cars on the road, the faster all of those drivers will be out of work.

#Uber #Automation #Self-Driving
Tesla's Moustache
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How's that different from any driver who isn't me?
Jim R « Համիշ Ռոբերտի որդին »
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It was YOU! You're the one that cut me off on the freeway! (now I know)
What is clear here robots will take humans in 10 years times start now with cars and trucks of Uber and Volvo and soon they will replace humans in factorys and wHarehouse.
Farming is near now to be take over to with automatic tractors with gps can prepare the land and put the seeds.
Is near little to do in the world very soon with a population grow in numbers. We not have solutions for deal with this news industrial revolution advance year by year and not decades. We are running for the III WW
Tear down the echo chamber! #Facebook #Censorship

Facebook Is Collaborating With the Israeli Government to Determine What Should Be Censored


The Associated Press reports today from Jerusalem that “the Israeli government and Facebook have agreed to work together to determine how to tackle incitement on the social media network.” These meetings are taking place “as the government pushes ahead with legislative steps meant to force social networks to rein in content that Israel says incites violence.” In other words, Israel is about to legislatively force Facebook to censor content deemed by Israeli officials to be improper, and Facebook appears eager to appease those threats by working directly with the Israeli government to determine what content should be censored.
@Sean Tilley Possible because you are not Jewish or Israeli no understand what go in on with Israel and Facebook.
What is not possible is Facebook become a Free Space for Anti Semitic Attacks , Nazi groups and Radical Muslims Organizations.
Why is Facebook Enabling Anti-Semites?


Father Coughlin is alive and well. He resides in an underground bunker he shares with Henry Ford and Charles Lindbergh. The trio works for Mark Zuckerberg, responding to complaints about anti-Semitism on Facebook. When the three aren’t doing their job (which is most of the time), they’re collaborating on a “new and revised” edition of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. They’re shopping it around and are having a tough time finding a publisher. Pluto Press said no and […]
Sean Tilley
 Oakland, California 
It's nice to know that setting up a #Hubzilla clone these days is a relatively painless process. Color me impressed.
Mike Macgirvin
Correct.  Instructions on that page show you how to get post archives for a given date range. You can try doing  a year at a time - but once in a while this will exhaust memory and whitescreen. I typically download by month and keep them all as backups. Any of these export files can be fed to /import_items on your new clone site. I recommend importing oldest first, but it shouldn't matter too much if you get them out of order.
Mike Macgirvin
We still are weak when it comes to cloning your file storage from backup files; although once you set-up a clone we keep any newly uploaded files synced across clones. Ask your new admin to install the redphotos and redfiles plugins and I think you may be able to get your files/photos - although I don't know that we've tested it with hubzilla to hubzilla. If that doesn't work for you keep a copy of store/sean from your old server somewhere and we can probably re-create most of it; perhaps not perfectly (it won't have some photo metadata or original filenames) but good enough to be usable.
Sean Tilley
Sean Tilley updated his cover photo

I am sorry to say that I can no longer afford to host my own hub. In moving to the Bay Area, I have realized that rent costs a much higher amount than it does in Peoria, even in a shared housing situation outside of SF.

Currently, I spend $200 a month for hosting. Some might argue that's a disproportionate amount, or that I bought an overpowered server to host my hub on. Maybe that's true. However, I have come to realize that I might need to take a step back from hosting for a while so that I can sort out other aspects of my life.

Obviously, I have very much enjoyed using #Hubzilla and seeing it develop into a thing of beauty has been very rewarding for me. I have particularly enjoyed developing themes for it. There are many other facets of the platform that I wish to continue exploring.

I wish to still be a part of this great community. If anyone is running a community hub and would be willing to host my channel and @We Distribute there, I would be happy to migrate.
So many people invite you. You really are a hearo a super hero not dead
Sean Tilley
Hey everyone, I just wanted to say that I really appreciate the help. Really, I am quite humbled by it.

I am currently in apartment-hunting / full-time-day-job mode, so I am temporarily a little bit distracted. For now, I am setting up a few channel clones on LastAuth prior to making any big server migrations.
Not a surprise, you know some good folks amigo ;-)
From a sociological point of view, this made for a fascinating read.

Discrimination by Design


"You can’t talk about discriminatory design without mentioning city planner Robert Moses, whose public works projects shaped huge swaths of New York City from the 1930s through the 1960s. The physical design of the environment is a powerful tool when it’s used to exclude and isolate specific groups of people. And Moses’ design choices have had lasting discriminatory effects that are still felt in modern New York.

A notorious example: Moses designed a number of Long Island Parkway overpasses to be so low that buses could not drive under them. This effectively blocked Long Island from the poor and people of color who tend to rely more heavily on public transportation. And the low bridges continue to wreak havoc in other ways: 64 collisions were recorded in 2014 alone..."
Manuel Jiménez Friaza
The urban redesign of Paris in France during the Second Empire is the most studied case, but we also have Marseille and Barcelona, ​​cities where dissapeared  the workers neighborhoodss, full of winding streets, conducive to resistance and popular struggle ... It is a fascinating subject .
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Mmm, commentary, opinion is now an "anti-contribution": Orwell would be proud of this additional thought control...
Will Hill
 from Diaspora
The bathroom issue, I had no idea. Everywhere my wife goes, she ends up standing in line to use a toilet. She had no idea that I almost never have to wait to relieve myself. I've been married almost 20 years and we never talked about this, so neither of us had a clue. I cleaned toilets in a Whole Foods where they got the ratio right for the visitors and did not think about it.
atom jackatom jack wrote the following post Thu, 01 Sep 2016 18:36:59 -0500
Fun idea for a #Hubzilla webpage: tell a story and modify it with javascript. The effects of the javascript fire off as the user scrolls through the story.

I've been wanting to create a story that changes and rewrites itself. Perhaps you've scrolled down to the end of a paragraph, and when you scroll back up, you notice that the last thing you read is already different. Maybe parts of the story have transformed in a way that


The structure of a sentence can be maintained through leverage of a language template. For example, the structure between the two sentences below are nominally the same.

Version A
The weight of his arm hung heavy as he grabbed his gun.

Version B

The ballast of her shoulder shifted slightly as she gripped her sword.

To some extent, entire sentences and paragraphs of this nature could be crafted, then stored in a bank of text snippets. If the snippets are composed in a coherent fashion, they can be interspersed through a template that assembles the story.

In a sense, this is Mad Libs with sentences.

From there, divs are referenced through something like Twitter's scrollspy library, which can then tell a script what part of the page the user is focused on. We can guess which paragraphs are out of view, and change what they say by loading another sentence bank within a defined set of regions.

From here, two parallel halves of a story can be woven together to forge a larger narrative.


Multiple points of reality overlap one another to tell a multifaceted story. Something has broken, either in an individual person's point of view, or in the way things actually work. Different shreds of reality get the point across, while referencing a macguffin device that causes the whole story to be the way that it is.

Maybe someone has the macguffin and it can directly affect the people living in the other stories somehow. Positively or negatively.
Olivier M.
The idea is interesting. Have you met a library/framework named Undum, already? It's thought for interactive fiction, but has some of this (esp. the capacity to change user choices once they aren't choices anymore). Nothing automatic there, and that's where your idea is interesting, of course.
Mike Macgirvin
If only you could let users write JS safely 😕

If you put it into a sandboxed iframe from a domain that doesn't have any cookies to steal, you can let them run with the wild dogs.
Andrew Manning
Some bizarre and interesting ideas here, the craziest of which is letting artists run rampant with HTML5.

The security issue of allowing code permission to hub members (which is not allowed without special admin approval) came up in recent discussions again. Personally I'm not too worried about it yet because only people who want to do stuff like Sean describes here are almost always hub admins themselves. It would be music to my ears (okay, eyes, whatever) if the Hubzilla forums were filled with complaints by non-admin members about not being able to write JavaScript for their Hubzilla-hosted websites.
#Hubzilla now has a landing page up and running on BountySource's Salt tool. Salt lets donors support their favorite FOSS projects with either a one-time donation, or a rolling monthly contribution.

Support hubzilla on Bountysource


Hubzilla is a decentralised community server utilising decentralised identity and access control.

I'm a big fan of the project, and I hope to see more people use and support it!
Manuel Jiménez Friaza
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Hubzilla is the most rewarding computing xperience I've had since the discovery of Linux. I love Hubzilla and support the project with donations and with my work in the Spanish version, warning issues or helping its spread . I encourage you to do too, to the best of your possibilities...
Now that I'm officially living in the area, the true hunt for an apartment in the SF Bay Area begins. I am sending applications and emails all over, and intend to tour a number of different places throughout the week.

If anyone in the area knows of a place that's available for under $1.1k per month, please reach out! I'm considering various living arrangements.
the Gring
 from Diaspora
I will ask friends there, do my best and let you know.
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Definitely look into getting a moped ~150cc, they are tremendously awesome to have in the bay
This reminds me so much of the soundtrack to Cowboy Bebop. #ToddTerje #NowListening

TODD TERJE - Alfonso Muskedunder
by Todd Terje on YouTube

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In about a week, I will be stepping onto a plane to begin a new chapter in my life. It's pretty surreal to think about - to be frank, I never thought that I would get to this point.

I am finally in the process of moving to San Francisco. This is five years after I started working for a little startup company in the SF Bay Area, a Mission Street company of people trying to hack together a social network on their own terms. That I even became employed there is an utter fluke, and is the fulfillment of a juvenile dream of mine.

Things have changed. Their focus has shifted, and over the last three years, we have worked together to help nearly 2,000 crowdfunding campaigns from Kickstarter and IndieGoGo. I was their first hire at this new venture, and have grown into a role where I get to solve hard problems every day. I have acted as a remote worker in all that time, from my dining table in #Peoria.

Part of me is beyond excited. Part of me is terrified. Part of me is very, very sad. I wish that I could take the people involved in my life and take them all with me. Life doesn't work like that, though.

In taking this next big step, I am leaving behind everything I've ever known and loved. I am saying goodbye to my closest friends, who have had a massive impact on how I live my life. I am saying goodbye to my family, who I already only see every once in a while. I am saying goodbye to a town that I am comfortable in, and I am saying goodbye to someone who I am madly, passionately in love with (and always will be).

I've cried a lot about this, because it's painful. In fact, I'm still crying right now. But this move is something that I have to do for myself. You can't finish a good book if you never proceed beyond a comfortable chapter. Otherwise, there's not much of a story.

To everyone who has been present and close in my life - thank you for being here for me. Thank you for opening up and sharing so many beautiful things about who you are and what you care about. You have given me so much drive to keep living, even at the points where I felt like I didn't want to anymore.

Alexandre Hannud Abdo
Very happy for you dude! Hard times, good times, often both, lie ahead...

Now, there's a brazilian song I really like, which tells the story of a person who kept moving around, expecting his life to change, only to finally realize his life did't change by changing just where he was - there's energy, but it's got to be directed with attention ;-)

Boa sorte!
Jake Moomaw
Good luck, Sean!  I'm sorry that things have been too messed up on my end to have gotten down to Peoria this summer.  14 years ago I made a similar move, and it was rough at first.  Wouldn't change it for the world, now.  I met my wife, made a lot of friends, and grew to appreciate the people back home even more.  I couldn't have done it in an age prior to mass communication, but phone calls and email help immensely.  May your excitement always outweigh your dread!
Good luck.
Idea for a #RenPy-based game: you work in a call center for secret paramilitary operatives like Solid Snake. It's your job to gather and assess information for the operative so that he doesn't get himself killed in action.
You can cover a lot of people with a blanket statement, but it won't make anybody warmer.
Sean Tilley
 Carmel, IN 
Hanging out in Indiana with the #BackerKit team. We're getting ready to set everything up for #GenCon 2016!

Thomas from Team BK, playing Pokemon Blue on his PocketCHIP.
I know some people probably don't like Chelsea Manning for her involvement in leaking classified information, but punishing someone with indefinite solitary confinement for an attempted suicide is about as inhumane as our prison system can get. It's bad enough that the prison system refuses to recognize her gender transition, and is all too happy to put her alongside male inmates without any consideration for personal safety.

This situation just sounds hellish all around. You may think that this is a justified way to treat a prisoner, but frankly nobody deserves this.

Chelsea Manning Faces New Charges, Indefinite Solitary Confinement Related to Suicide Attempt


LEAVENWORTH, Kan. — Imprisoned whistleblower Chelsea Manning received a document from Army officials today informing her that she is being investigated for serious new charges related to her July 5th attempt to take her own life. If convicted of these “administrative offenses,” she could be placed in indefinite solitary confinement for the remainder of her decades-long sentence.

#ChelseaManning #prison #transgender
Marshall Sutherland
And they pretend not to understand why Snowden won't come home to face "justice"
harry haller
 from Diaspora
humanitariasm - says - (ok, I'm a fucking foreigner), - but americans should say - land of liberty - give her a life - let her free - there's no potiks in this - except to tell the whole wide world that "you're in the (Us) army now - bitch"

I'm drunk - I luv americans (that u) - but I hate the the usa (that's the state) - let the bitch out - she served her time, humilitation, torture - what the does the empire want more from her?
Sean Keene Ⓐ
 from Diaspora
Wow. I wish I was that drunk right now....