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!Hubzilla Support Forum I'm trying to get a new hub up and running with postgres. I think I have everything set up correctly, but no matter what I do, I get a Database Connect failed: message any time after I attempt to connect to the database.

Has anyone else experienced issues with getting Postgres to work with Hubzilla? I'm trying to determine what I'm doing wrong here.
@Mario Vavti Got it, any tips on what you did when installing Hubzilla with Postgres, or how you configured yours?

This process has always been pretty straightforward for me with frameworks such as Rails, but with PHP the setup and configuration feels much more involved.
I used this wiki to configure:
There is nothing else i did. I recall i had to use instead of localhost (or vice versa - cant recall now) to get it to connect.
Forget about the port. Here is what I have

$db_host = '';
$db_port = '0';
$db_user = 'postgres';
$db_pass = 'password';
$db_data = 'hz';
$db_type = '1'; // an integer. 0 or unset for mysql, 1 for postgres