San Francisco, CA (37.7667879 -122.41671110000001) shamelessly rips off of Mastodon and slaps a blockchain on top, for some reason

The Hiveway platform raised more than a few eyebrows today with an announcement by none other than John McAfee, unveiling the startups rebrand from Etherhive to Hiveway. At this time, McAfee’s affiliation with the project remains unclear, but he nevertheless appears to be providing consultation to the team. This is all fine and good, however, one detail sticks out like a sore thumb: Hiveway is a complete and utter ripoff of Mastodon.

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 from Diaspora
Forking an AGPLv3 project is good, that is why we have licenses and forks just increase diversity. But this wasn't done as a fork. The whole commit history was rewritten and apparently the UI has no source code link for users. The copyright file though does mention it is a fork of Mastodon.
 from Diaspora
by a per-feed blockchain

ahahaha then they're riding the hype bandwagon. People nowadays say "blockchain" when it's a git-for-xyz like solution. "per-feed" would mean it's not even git, it's even simpler. That would mean your file system is also a blockchain. Why not, it does have blocks. :D
MS-DOS could make a comeback if it billed itself as a block-chain file system!