I have no prior experience in organizing this sort but if thing, but uh, here's a new MeetUp I'm starting.

BAMF - Bay Area Members of the Fediverse

http://meetu.ps/c/3CrlC/vlXjp/d on Meetup

Currently testing it out to gauge interest. If you live in the Bay Area and want to come out and make new friends, that would be the most amazing thing. You are welcome to join, regardless of whether you're from #Diaspora, #Friendica, #Hubzilla, #Libertree, #SocialHome, #Pump or any other federated platform.

I'll pick a date and a venue soon.

#Fediverse #SanFrancisco #BayArea
Thanks for the logos. I'll pass them on.

could that be fixed?

It's possible, but not very likely on the short term.  

Once that project completes their proposed account migration feature I might be able to dig up my old Friendica private key and tell them I've moved (ironically to exactly the same place).
 from Diaspora
Don't see Mike's reply here on Socialhome either. Since replies are delivered by the original author, not directly, probably not a JD problem but something funky going on when Sean's node delivers them? Or does not deliver to all recipients in this case. Can't see any related errors in my logs to suggest failed signature verification etc.
 from Diaspora
uh, don't worry