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Pleroma, a lightweight social server written in Elixir, gains ActivityPub support


Pleroma, the lightweight elixir-based social networking server, recently unveiled full support for the ActivityPub federation protocol. Stylish and lightweight, and it works with the most popular apps for Mastodon

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 from ActivityPub
@dsh Wait what Pleroma is built on ActivityPub from the ground up, isn't it? How could it gain support for what it's literally built on?
 from ActivityPub
@dsh From my understanding it doesn't even "adapt" to ActivityPub like mastodon does. It IS ActivityPub through and through.

Basically it used it internally, but these interfaces were not exposed for a long time, meaning it only federated with OStatus networks. Now it does both, but you're right, it pretty much is a complete implementation of AP.