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Personally, I'm really stoked for this project, and I love that it's made so much progress so far.

PeerTube Releases v.1.0.0 Beta 1

PeerTube, the decentralized YouTube alternative, has just made a new milestone release. The project has come a long way, and already sports a vastly improved UI and federated comments.

#PeerTube #ActivityPub #Federation
Sean are you able to follow peertube user ? I can from mastodon but not from hubzilla
Hubzilla does not yet connect directly to peertube, There is an open bug on peertube. We have at this point discovered that they do not handle the 'url' attribute in the actor document correctly; but even if we supply the data which they are expecting to find, there are unknown additional errors on their end resulting in connection failure. At this point we need somebody with a peertube installation that understands the code and read logs, and there does not appear to be sufficient motivation on that end to work with us and solve the problem.
Thank you Mike I hope someone will understand both side so we can talk to each other.