So, I’ve decided to do something REALLY out of the ordinary for me. My friend Steven said that I don’t understand enough about Linux. Fair enough. To completely immerse myself in tech know-how, I am going to use my computer every day…with nothing but a command line. I’m going to program, compile, update twitter, email people, read email, surf the web, and hit up people on AIM…all by command line. No pretty interface, nothing.

For 30 Days. On July 24th, I shall climb out of the Caverns of the Command Line, and see how various interfaces have changed within a month. Also, KDE 4.1 will be out fairly soon after.

I think this will be a fantastic exercise. I begin at 12:00 Midnight CT here in the US.

I end 12:00 Midnight CT on July 25th, 2008.

Some people have been really helpful and recommended apps. What I’m using:

IRC Chat: irssi
Web: w3m and links2
Mail: Mutt, or a web browser
Text editing: Nano
AIM, MSN, Yahoo, Myspace IM: Finch
Twitter: irssi, if I can get the bitlbee extension to properly work. Otherwise, it’ll likely be w3m.

Call me crazy, but I need an incentive to go outside more. Also, it’d increase my manliness on just about every forum.

And on a final note, I will release a T-Shirt in my small Caffeepress store on July 26th, after a day of rest.

Update: Please Help Spread my Story! I’ve got it on Digg and FS Daily now. Thanks!