So, the day has finally come. For the longest time, I was an Ubuntu user. I’ve dabbled in the Occult of FreeBSD and learned quite a lot. However, I’ve always felt comfortable in a linux environment. It’s just that I feel Ubuntu had gotten worse over the release cycle of 10.04, and Kubuntu has simply gotten worse and worse over the last few years. It’s gotten to the point where Kubuntu will slow down to such a crawl that Kwin breaks. I’m putting my foot down, this is unacceptable.

After talking it over with some of my friends that have used other distributions, I finally came to the conclusion that I ought to give Fedora 13 a try.

Let’s just say that my mind is blown. It’s…fast. Ridiculously fast. Okay, kPackagekit still isn’t that great, but learning to install RPM’s via YUM was simple enough to figure out. It took a much longer time to get accustomed to due to the fact that things are simply done differently. But look at the quality! Look at how absolutely solid the KDE system is, even though Fedora 13 is still a Beta.

My question is: why is this such a difficulty with Debian-based distros such as Ubuntu? Why is the bar for quality set so high by the Fedora community, yet it’s so much considerably lower for others? Aren’t we sharing the same code?

My theory is that perhaps it’s because a large-scale corporation like Red Hat is funding a good part of the distribution, and the release cycle is more spaced out. But that’s just my perspective, and there’s probably a lot more to it than that.

Either way, I’m on Fedora 13 now. Loving it.