Introducing Disreality: My new approach to art

My first earnest attempt at doing an art gallery, with work in a style that's all my own!

Introducing Disreality: My new approach to art

Earlier this year, I found that while I can draw “normal” things (portraits, scenery, etc), I found that I got a lot more enjoyment out of making drawings that were a little bit weird. You can do a lot of interesting things by stepping out of your comfort zone, and so I’ve tried to do exactly that.

"Destroyer of Worlds", cc-by-sa by Sean Tilley

I’ve taught myself a handful of new techniques, and I feel like I learn something new every time I put the pen to paper. One of the core approaches I’ve learned with these particular styles is to make things up as I go, with no general expectation as to what the final drawing should look like. While this sounds counter-productive, I’ve found it’s much easier to draw things in this manner.

"Religion 2099", cc-by-sa by Sean Tilley

Disreality is an attempt to make really crazy art. Things I’ve never made before. It’s an exciting time for me, as I’ve found tremendous amounts of inspiration.

Check out the gallery here!