Life On the Job

Life On the Job

So, I’ve got a job. It’s been one week since I started working at McDonald’s, and I’d say it’s gone really well. I’ve learned a lot about the art of growing and cultivating McFood, and overall most of my peers are friendly towards me. I’m still really shy, though, and I get teased about it sometimes. On the other hand, so does my co-worker Robert, who is the poor blonde-haired soul tasked with teaching me everything I need to know.

Tensions sometimes run high in the kitchen, where some people explode in fits of anger and pounce on the next person to mess something up. I’ve found it works best to just relax and not retaliate. It seems to work out a-ok. As an introvert, I’d really like to get better and holding conversations while I’m working; I tend to just focus on the task at hand to avoid talking. I’d really like to connect with my peers more.

Today, I saw my friend Tyler out in the lobby getting food. I only got to wave at him, but he laughed at the thought that I was suddenly wearing a uniform and everything.

The other day, my bully-turned-bestie Jake Folger showed up. He expressed sorrow, like a mother bird seeing her young leave the nest. He said he didn’t want me to grow up. The guy’s a hoot.

Music of the Day: Dead Kennedys
Jake got me into this band. They’re amazing. They started out in 1979, and are considered to be the first true punk-rock band. Alot of their songs are terrific, political satire, with anger and yelling.
Some notable songs are “California Uber Alles”, “Pull My Strings”, “Police Truck”, and “Holiday in Cambodia”