Linux: Better than Windows?

Linux: Better than Windows?

Have you ever been frustrated with Windows? It frequently shuts down, crashes, and gets a crapload of viruses. Aren’t you the least bit upset that Windows doesn’t do jack, and it’s overpriced? Maybe you want to try something new, but all you’ve heard of is Windows (XP or Vista, they both suck), or Mac/Apple (Which also majorly sucks)

What are you supposed to do? Are you just going to sit there and suffer from a super-shitty Operating System?

Luckily, I know of an excellent alternative. It’s called…Linux.
What is Linux? Well, let’s ask Wikipedia.

Linux is a Unix-like computer operating system family. Linux is one of the most prominent examples of free software and of open source development; its underlying source code is available for anyone to use, modify, and redistribute freely.

So, it’s an operating system like Windows, or Mac. Except it doesn’t suck. In fact, it’s well known throughout geek communities that Linux can’t get a majority of viruses. It can be fully customized by anyone, and it also has many different versions. This is because it’s open source, which means that anyone can also edit the entire system, put it in a zip file, and put it back online.

There are literally hundreds of Linux variations out there, but I’m going to talk about the one I personally like, called Ubuntu.

Ubuntu 7.10's default desktop

Ubuntu (which is an African word for “Humanity to others”), is a terrific system. You can customize everything from the loading screen  (when you start your computer) to every other detail. Not only that, but a special program released with Ubuntu allows you to download extensions, emulators, and games, and then it installs it into the system for you.

The only problem with Linux is that you have to install everything.  Although you’re going to have to learn a fair deal of the linux code, the Ubuntu community is very helpful in telling you how to install things yourself, such as emulators that let you run all your windows programs. You’ll never get a virus, and you get complete control of your computer. It’s an absolutely excellent system, and I highly recommend it to anyone that hates Windows Vista.

You can go to their site, and get it for free at:
Just download it, burn it on a CD, and follow the instructions.
If you can’t find the instructions, then just keep reading my blog.
Once you’ve got it burned on a CD, back up all your important stuff on other CDs (like pictures, music, etc)

Done that? Okay.

Now, you need to restart your computer, and pop in the CD. While your computer is starting up, hit F8 a bunch of times until a blue-ish box pops up,  and select the one that has something to do with your CD drive.
Install Linux on a new partition, or erase the Windows partition, and set up  Ubuntu on that. If you need help with it, invite me over, and I can help  you set it up.

Also, just so you know, there are many different versions of Ubuntu. There’s a Christian version, Muslim version, Satanic version, Ultimate Version, Gamer Version, and a lot more versions. Here’s some links to different versions:

Yes, there are a lot more, I’m just posting different versions for people with different religions. I myself am a Christian, but several of my friends are other religions so, there you have it.