OSCON 2009: A Presentation That Scared Me Shitless

I really don't advise reading George Orwell's "1984" in-depth before going to a tech conference. It's a bad time.

OSCON 2009: A Presentation That Scared Me Shitless

(This article is a response to a 2009 OSCON presentation, “The Rewilding” by Karl Schroeder)

What?! WHAT?! I’m sorry, but hold the fucking phone. Your “almighty vision” of the future is technology integrating into nature in the worst way possible, and you’re happy about it?

You’re nuts. It’s understandable that we all lose ourselves from time to time, but you sir are off the deep end. This “Rewilding” is something that DOES NOT need to happen and SHOULD NOT ever surface. For those of you that didn’t watch the video, let me bullet point some of his “enlightened” ideas for you. He wants this from the FOSS community. Also, keep in mind that I read a lot of depressing science fiction books in which mankind forever fucked the future up.

  • “Sort of talking about Open Source”, really? Fuck you. Who invited you to talk?
  • Augumented Reality Glasses. Versions of the world you want to see: tagged, untagged. You can tune things out. Gosh, how could a totalitarian regime use that?
  • Software agents working for you while you sleep. Unconscious computing? Fuck that.
  • A bot that watches you and updates Twitter for everything you do? Filters, aggregators? WHY?! Destroy privacy?
  • Overlay virtual reality over reality. Great.
  • Robots do your investments. How can someone fuck THAT up?
  • No political parties…nice at first, but then you get some fucking whacked semantics.
  • “Your software understands you better than you understand yourself.”, ew. No.
  • Machines automate some corporations, and bill you. Didn’t he just say money wasn’t exchanged?
  • Animals are all tagged and have their own websites. Everything is a fundamentalist, an advocate.
  • Retarded term.
  • Things get done by relinquishing control.

My point is, WHO WOULD WANT THIS FOR A FUTURE? This is a horrible lifestyle that could very easily be corrupted to invade your privacy. He continues to talk out of his ass about the environment, and does very little explanation of FOSS technology. Go fuck yourself, Karl Schroeder.