Fuck the Plastic Medicine Men

A couple of quantum woo sites like Collective Evolution and Spirit Science are now in the business of creating inspirational memes with their branding plastered on it. My unsuspecting friends are spreading their brand like a virus all over Facebook. Personally, I view this as a very bad thing. Conflating motivational ideas with brand identity […]

Boxing Out: The Value of Free Software in an Appified World

Whether you’d like to admit it or not, the technology industry is undergoing a rapid paradigm shift from traditional desktop computing to mobile platforms that are growing increasingly restrictive. The embrace of an appified mobile web has made for a lucrative business model for numerous startups, but these platforms are, by design, problematic in regards to user freedom and privacy.

The Social Web Is Being Censored, Where To Move To

Twitter is censoring the #occupywallstreet posts, and is preventing the activists from trending and getting the news out there to the people that need to know. They are trying to stifle you, and prevent you from fighting the good fight.    DIASPORA and Friendica are social networking platforms that are similar to Facebook, and allow […]