What If God Were Malevolent?

Philosophy students and atheists love to argue the idea that there is no god because of evil and suffering in the wold. What if God was just evil?

What If God Were Malevolent?

First and foremost, we have to establish a few concepts for those of you that are foreign to certain philosophical concepts entailing traditional Theism. Traditionally, there are many arguments against the form of an all-loving, all-powerful, all-knowing God. Some of the arguments go against logical fallacies, such as Intelligence From Design, the Unmoved Mover, and the theory that because we have an idea of a perfect God, He must exist.

Many Atheistic arguments strike down these theories quite well, in a perfectly functional manner. After all, one must consider the four criteria for the contemporary Muslim-Judeo-Christian God to exist:

1. God must be all-knowing. (Omniscient)

2. God must be all-powerful. (Omnipotent)

3. God must be all-loving. (Omnibenevolent)

4. This concept of God is perfect, no greater God can be conceived.

Now, the Problem of Evil (also called The Problem of Suffering) is one of the several theories that addresses this fairly:

The very presence of extreme human suffering and injustice go against the idea of an all-loving God. If He knew that specific people would create mass suffering, and said people would also suffer forever in Hell-fire in accordance with the Christian doctrines, then why would He make these people at all? Wouldn’t this action alone, regardless of the idea that people have Free Will, be an action in which no one benefited?

This concept is further compounded by Leibniz’ concept of The Best of All Possible Worlds, which essentially states that we live in the best of all possible worlds due to the fact that a higher power designed it to be this way, in a world free of contradictions and one in which was so carefully designed by a Creator that no greater world could have been imagined.

To anyone that’s ever lived in this world, one could easily say that is the biggest bunch of bullshit you’ve ever heard. So, allow me to illustrate my own “warped” perspective on these things. This is all purely speculative.

Let us assume, for a moment, that we actually live in the Worst of All Possible Worlds. Think about the horrendous proportions of our reality.

1. We live in a world where the richest countries are dying of obesity-related problems, and it is somehow cheaper and easier to get food that will absolutely kill you than it is to prepare a healthy meal. And when we’re done eating, we usually throw away day-old food because we’re disgusted at the idea of eating it. Meanwhile, hundreds of millions of people are dying of starvation and malnutrition due to the fact that they can’t get anything more than what they have.

2. We live in a world where no one can be sure of which religion to follow, or if there in fact is a God at all. Those that ARE sure of it tend to push their beliefs on non-believers, and some even kill non-believers for questioning them.

3. Our society is so in love with having the “perfect body” that we go through great lengths to alter our own appearances, and then become distraught when we don’t match what we see in magazines and on television.

4. Every horrible musician has a career that lasts at least five times as long than that of a genuinely rock-solid musician. We have people like Justin Biebar raking in millions, while Mayhew the Traitor barely makes squat. Biebar will go down in the history books eventually, Mayhew will not.

5. We are so obsessed with our careers that we often murder our own ideals.

6. War is the absolute answer to everything, except when there’s financial gain to be made from peace with another country.

7. Depression and drug addictions are the cornerstone of modern living, even though the former is perfectly curable, and the latter is more often than not based on illegal activities.

And the list goes on and on and on. For whatever reason, we are not living in the so-called “Best of All Possible Worlds”, because it just isn’t there. A greater world can be conceived, and so can a greater form of a Creator that made it.

What this argument (and the other Atheistic arguments) don’t account for is a Malevolent God. Now, I’m told that by philosophy professors that this would actually be a “Demon” in terms, but regardless, it’s essentially the same thing.

Suppose instead of an all-loving God, we had a sick, sadistic, all-hating God figure that loved creating the world in such a way that existence were a form of absolute torture for every human being? What if there were no Salvation, there was only the option of servitude during life, and then immediate Damnation? A being that was all-powerful, all-knowing, and completely evil could easily function regardless of these design arguments made by Atheists, and at the same time upset the design arguments made by Theists as well.

It becomes especially interesting when one applies this concept to Christian literature, as Satan suddenly becomes man’s advocate. Why else would a third of the angels fall from Heaven, or there had been a revolt in the first place? Lucifer knew he could do better, and was struck down and cast out by a completely hateful being.

Man’s advocate has fallen. Perhaps we truly do live in the Worst of All Possible Worlds.