Sean Tilley, known by his online moniker deadsuperhero, is an artist, musician, writer, programmer, and stand-up comedian. As an advocate of Copyleft, all of his creative output is freely licensed under permissive licences for others to build on. All of his creative work is available for free under Creative Commons licenses, and all of his code is available under various Free Software licenses.

Sean is primarily known for his involvement in supporting the decentralized social web movement, an initiative to bring social communication systems under the control of end users rather than for-profit corporations. During his earlier years, he served as a Community Manager for the Diaspora, serving as a friendly face to the community and ultimately helping steer the future policies and development decisions of the project.

More recently, Sean works as the editor of his own fledgling news publication, We Distribute, which serves as an online magazine covering the development of Free Software projects, with a particular focus on decentralized communication systems.

Sean also served as the founding member of the VidCommons project, an initiative to broadcast Creative Commons and Public Domain media to PeerTube instances throughout the fediverse.