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Sean Tilley is an artist, musician, writer, programmer, game developer, and comedian exploring Free Software, Creative Commons, and decentralization.

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Understanding Fediverse Drama

Understanding Fediverse Drama

Why does drama in the fediverse seem to happen so much? Well, it probably doesn’t happen much more than other types of communities, so let’s take a look at what’s going on here.

On feeling underappreciated

Something that’s been eating away at me a lot recently is the question of whether my life has actually made much of an impact, and whether anything that I’ve done (that I take way too seriously) actually matters to anyone else. Often, I get the feeling that I’m just wasting time talking, but never actually doing.

Goodbye, San Francisco

Some heartfelt thoughts on a place I’ve been very happy to call my home for the last three years. I want to focus on the positive, as well as explain how exactly I came to move away from it.

My Favorite Failed Game Projects

Game development has long been a hobby of mine. Although I’ve failed many times on personal projects, I’ve gradually managed to get pretty far in the process, as far as development is concerned. Here’s a few memorable snapshots I managed to save over the years.

Free Software Audio Production, Part 1: Setting up JACK

Have you ever wondered about whether you could exclusively use Linux for audio production? This guide series is for you.

The Long Road Back to Work

An honest, if somewhat awkward, view back on my six months of unemployment.

Life is Messy: The Story So Far

After suffering burnout working in a demanding career field with minimal advancement, I’m let to ask myself: where do I go from here? What do I even want?

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