The Price of Freedom — A Review of the Librem 15 v3

Edit: Thanks so much for your feedback! An earlier version of this article missed a few key points — check out the FAQ on the bottom of the review. Purism is a wild startup located in South San Francisco. Their mission? Providing a superior hardware experience for people who love privacy and software freedom. Purism is building […]

Planting a Seed: Diaspora’s Story (Part 1)

The picture above is one that I’m most proud of. I was lucky enough to participate in a photoshoot, which ended up in a BusinessWeek article. (All credit for the photo goes to BusinessWeek) Things I learned from being Diaspora’s Community Manager. Diaspora* means something very important to me. It’s the first job that gave […]

How to tell The Blue Man NO!

Credit: AP/Mohammed Abu Zaid Also, that sombrero you’re wearing isn’t real. You’ve experiencing it again, aren’t you? All the time, and more frequently, you have been experiencing full-blown hallucinations. They start out innocently enough; the realistic sound going on in your head may sound like a commercial you heard earlier on the radio. Some of the […]

Oh, You

“The Human Cannonball” by Brent Moore on Flickr Oh, you. Look at the situation you’ve put yourself in. You went through the trouble of opening this up; you expected a story. So far, there isn’t one. I suppose we could make a contract of sorts. You continue to read, and I’ll continue to say things. […]